Click on the thumbnail image or caption to view the full image in Connecticut History Illustrated (a new tab will open). Then click on “Details” to view information about the item. To return to these Environment Featured Topic selections, click on the Environment tab.

The twenty items presented here are just a sampling of resources relevant to the environment available in Connecticut History Illustrated. To search for more, click on the Topics links in the item record. You can also click on the “Search CHI Digital Archive” link in the top menu of this page and enter terms in the search box to retrieve resources relevant to particular types of environments (for example, beaches, rivers) or weather events (hurricanes, blizzards), or livelihoods dependent on the environment, such as agriculture. Also search on terms that represent environmental issues, such as pollution. Use the Topics or Places links in the left menu of the search results page to refine your search. for example, a search on “fishing,” to explore environmental aspects of that occupation, might provide a link to “Oyster fisheries,” which would retrieve relevant resources including maps of offshore oyster grounds.